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Sport Overview

The Academy encourages boys and girls to take part in and enjoy all the many sports we offer, catering for all abilities and talents. We believe that encouraging students to understand that personal fitness is essential as part of a healthy active lifestyle is an important part of the education students receive at Sacred Heart.

Representing the School

Representing the Academy in a number of sports is an important part of the Academy''s ethos, and Sacred Heart is very proud of its success on the sports field. The coaching staff helps all students to take full advantage of the facilities and to develop their interests, providing opportunities for the advancement of all abilities as well as nurturing elite performers. Above
all, everyone contributes to the support of Sacred Heart teams. It is this that makes sport at Sacred Heart very special.


Competitions are organised at the Academy and inter form level in all age groups so that team and house spirit is developed. Within many of the sports that Sacred Heart offers there are also opportunities to participate in annual county, regional and national tournaments.

Programme offered

The programme offered by the department is changed each term, allowing more opportunities for students to be involved in a variety of sports and physical activities. The Academy also has links with local sporting clubs which enhances the sports we can offer to the students. Clubs are organised for lunchtimes and after school sessions, including training sessions for the Academy teams as well as fixtures.

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