Sports Committee and Representatives

School Sports Organising Committee


As part of the Sports Leaders Programme in Sacred Heart School, we have set up a working committee with volunteers from Y10 and Y11.

Role of School Sports Organising Committee

  • Planning Inter-house competitions
  • Preparing and delivering sports assemblies
  • Helping to promote physical activities
  • Helping the PE department choose the sport representatives
  • Providing a link between the PE department and sports representatives (messages etc.)
  • Aiming to increase pupils’ participation in sporting activities
Gabrielle Wordsworth ACT Abbie Robertson AMH
Kenzie Parkes CMR Oliver Johnson CDS
Emily Fewster DKS Jonathan Crossman DHW
Harry Vallely EPO Joe Sanderson EPO
Cameron Miller OMD Emily Sim OCY


School Sports Representatives


As part of the School Sports Representatives in Sacred Heart School, we have set up a working committee of volunteers drawn from boy and girl representatives in all year groups and each house.

Role of School Sports Representatives

  • To encourage participation in sporting activities
  •  To work as a team with your house members and opposite gender sports representative
  • To organise teams for upcoming sporting events
  • To bring enthusiasm, team work and positive attitudes through the love of sport


Competitions are organised at school and house level in all age groups so that team and house spirit is developed. Each term there is an Inter-house competition. The Sports Representatives organise the teams for their houses and the School Sports Organisers Committee organise the competitions. A running total of points scored is maintained throughout the whole academic year with the finale being the school’s annual sports day.

Programme Offered

The programme offered by the department and the committee changes yearly, as form classes are asked to complete a questionnaire about the sports in which they would like to compete.

Year Atalntis   Challenger   Discovery   Endeavour   Orion  
Year 11 Curtis Dawkins ABC Joe Dale CJG James Cawley DAD Beth Enderwick ELB Joe Young OHL
  Gabirelle Wordsworth ACT Kenzie Parkes CMR Emily Fewster DKS Harry Vallely EPO Faye Widdowson OBF
Year 10 Isobell McMillan AMH Alice Clements CMR Paige Sweeney DAD Ellie Scott ELS Elizabeth Rodger OFW
  Sam Garbutt ACT Seamus Owens CJG Michael Ashwell DHW Joe Sanderson EPO Joe Ashby/Jay Allison OHL/OCL
Year 9 Neil Jankowski ARW Daniel Todd CRR Sarah Powell DTO Jack Miller ELB Joe Foster OHL
  Megan McGovern ALK Louise Young CJG Harry Watkins DHW Emily Appleyard EJA Ellie Wagner OCY
Year 8 Ross Cole AMH Conrad McCormick CFR Bradley Beckett DTO Georgina Coates EPO Josh Craig OHL
  Anna Garbutt ACT Kate Long CRR Hannah Conway DHW Jack Roughley EJB Chelsea Johnson OFW
Year 7 James Cole ABC Matthew Keogh CRR Tom Cunningham DKS Harrison Keegan ELS Joe Hanson OFW
 Lotty Wright-McCarthy ANB Holly Loudon CDS Phoebe Jenkins DFM Francesca Sutherland ELB Emma Buckworth OBF

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