Andrew Appleby

Attended: 1997 – 2002

Best Memories:

The banter I had with Graeme (Cairnsy) Cairns, Robert 'Pingu' Pendlington, Neil (Youngy) Young and Chris (Cavie) Cave. Had a right laugh around school. I particularly remember Cairnsy running around the playground and kicking off because I'd kicked a football at him and he dropped his sandwich!

Favourite Teacher: Mr Adamski

During my last year, Mr Adamski said I'd only get put in for the Intermediate maths paper for GCSE. He challenged me to get an A on every piece of homework until the date he needed to submit me for my exam. If I did, he'd put me in for the higher. He did and I got an A! This was really effective in helping me reach my potential and this experience on it’s own has taken me through to my current career path.

What I do now:

My current role is 'UK L&D Design Team Leader'. I manage a team of 6 Learning Design Consultants across the UK for RSA UK (Insurance - Parent company of MORE TH>N). My team are responsible for developing learning solutions to address the capability of all staff across the company.

It's a great chance to 'create' something and play a pivotal role in other people's careers and helping them reach their full potential. Truly rewarding!