Sara Bell (now Cairns)

Attended: 1997 – 2002

Best Memories:

My best memory of being at school is having lots of laughs with friends and meeting my boyfriend whom I have been with ever since!

Favourite Teacher: Mr Burn (History)

What is your most interesting experience:

Since school my most interesting experiences have been when I travelled abroad at 18, I lived in Mexico and Peru living with local families, volunteering in an orphanage and primary school plus learning to speak Spanish and living on a turtle conservation reserve on a beautiful Mexican beach!  It was amazing and something everyone must do at some point in their lives!  I have also taught English in China and lived in Australia/New Zealand.

What I do now:

Since 2008, I have been running my own business which offers business and marketing support to people looking at starting their own businesses.  During term-time I work as a Data Support Officer at Sacred Heart School (I’ve done a full circle coming to work back at my secondary school!).