Paula Stone (Now Forster)

Attended: 1981-1986

Best Memories:

I loved PE & Drama classes. I don’t think any child realizes it, but they really are the most carefree days of your life. I also cherish the memories of my friends as kids, as we are still friends today.

Favourite Teacher: Mr Murphy

What is your most interesting experience:

  • Jumping out of a plane to do a parachute jump
  • Abseiling down the side of the Thistle Hotel
  • Learning to scuba dive in Barbados and doing more dives in various countries including Cyprus and Egypt
  • Swimming with Turtles
  • Visiting New York

What I do now:

I am the mother of 2 children.
I am now the company secretary of a limited company where I deal with any aspects of the admin or financial side of things. I deal with all the payroll and any issues with personnel. I am also a partner in another business that specializes in novelty limousines.