Becoming a Catholic Multi-Academy Trust (CMAT)

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Schools have always operated within a changing educational landscape and the introduction by the coalition government of the Academies programme means that for the collective of Catholic schools to do nothing is not a viable option.  Academies can benefit from greater freedoms to help the school innovate and raise standards.  We now have a wonderful opportunity to work even more closely together within a supportive Catholic Multi-Academy Trust. 

There are benefits to the children and young people, for example, the CMAT will:

  • provide consistent and continuous support for young people in keeping with our ethos and mission
  • create a seamless transition to secondary school
  • secure the continuity of Catholic education in the area
  • ensure the continuation of outstanding pastoral care and academic achievement for the pupils in our care
  • provide opportunities for the sharing of good teaching and learning
  • develop a collaborative way of working for the benefit of all our pupils and families
  • provide the opportunity to work in closer partnership with other schools to develop joined up provision and remove barriers to learning

There are benefits to the staff, for example:

  • Most day-to-day management will continue as it is now, but there will be opportunities for staff to get involved across both phases.
  • We will be better able to identify, share and develop knowledge, skills and expertise across the whole curriculum to improve the professional practices of the teachers and a wide variety of the staff who support learning.
  • There will be an enhanced culture of networked-learning in and between the schools based on an atmosphere of collegiality, effective professional relationship and trust.
  • There will be better outcomes for staff in terms of professional development opportunities.  The CMAT will increase the capacity for high quality coaching and mentoring between the schools.

There are benefits to the parents:

  • There will be better co-ordination of information and events, which will support parents with children in more than one school.
  • Parents will become familiar with staff across both phases of education.

There are benefits to the community:

  • By working together collaboratively the schools will be better placed to support the work of the parishes
  • The development of the CMAT will give strength to the Catholic voice and view point within local communities and the education sector.
  • By supporting each other in the promotion of gospel values we will develop a future generation who demonstrate these values in their everyday life.

There are financial benefits:

  • Receiving funding directly from the DfE would mean that all the schools could receive funding that the LA presently takes.
  • Additional resources would provide the Governing Bodies with an opportunity to prioritise spending as it sees fit, to maintain and improve the education of our young people.
  • There are potential savings in the joint commissioning of services across the five schools.