Faith in Action


I will have an awareness of who I am as a spiritual being and have a relationship with God through his Son, Jesus Christ.


I have a sense of belonging to a group of people who share the same Gospel values and priorities. I have strong awareness of belonging to a worldwide Church, a diocesan community and a school community of faith.


I participate in acts of worship in tutor time; lead assemblies; involve myself in the celebration of Mass and in a variety of other liturgical experiences in accordance with the Liturgical Calendar of the Church.


I participate in acts of Christian service which supports the physical, emotional and spiritual needs of others.

To be rewarded I may:

  • embrace the Catholic Ethos of the Academy
  • demonstrate an awareness of the Divine and model examples of its importance in the life of the Academy
  • give to charities on a local and global level
  • take part in fundraising activities
  • engage in Worship activities
  • participate in music and singing activities