Team Learner

Show leadership

I can listen to others, consult on a task, encourage others to agree steps to complete or achieve goals and inspire others to follow their lead.

Be responsible

I can create and allocate roles within a team to complete a task, identifying accountabilities for the team which gain success.

Be a good communicator

I can listen to others, respond appropriately using persuasion, logic, clarity and description. I show good attentive listening and think about what I hear.

Be respectful

I acknowledge the opinions, values and beliefs of others; behave in a sensitive, considerate way to others or show kindness to another person who is worried or anxious.

To be rewarded I may:

  • show good listening skills
  • use my own initiative
  • show leadership skills
  • collaborate with others
  • take on a specific role within the classroom
  • listen and respond appropriately to other peoples' opinions