Luke McArthur

Attended: 2004 - 2009

Who was your favourite teacher? 

Mr Adamson - Art

What are your best memories?

Summer dinner times, playing bootie, football and tennis, messing around in PE and the end of Maths class. The school trip to France to kayak down the Ardeche River in 2004/5. Settling down to do some work in Art class, taking extra time out in lessons to mess around with friends, listening to what the teachers did outside of school, being carefree.

What is your most interesting experience? 

From start to finish Sacred Heart was an interesting experience. It is where I learnt to make friends and have a lot of laughs but it is also where I realised how difficult being an adolescent can be. Being able to play sport all the time was awesome and really lifted my mood. Going to France with Mr Casey and Mr Swales and all the other students was a highlight.

What do you do now?

I am studying Fine Art at Wimbledon College of Art, I am now an artist.

Any other comments?

Make sure you keep putting on cheap trips abroad for the students because that is when I realised school wasn't so bad. Thank you to all the teachers, Mr Casey, Mr Swales, Miss Huggins, Mrs Gilchrist, Mr Burn, Mrs Bowater, Mrs Bowman, Mr Adamson, Mrs Richardson, Mr Mitchell, Mr Downey, Mrs O'Donnell, Mr Hinchley, Miss Scott, Miss Gray, Mr Brown, Mrs Neal, Mrs Robinson, Mr Murphy, Mr Potter, Mr Adamski, Mrs Oliver, Miss Gollogly, Mrs Price, Mrs Thompson, and the dinner ladies. You taught me a lot and I am sorry if I talked in class and messed around too much. To everyone who I was at school with, I hope you are well and enjoying life, I had the best time at school with you.