Emily McCormick

Liv Dancing

Arthur looking at Aidan

Aidan +Arthur At Window

I think my photographs represent the topic well because they show how movement can be captured in a photo and how highlighting one main colour can take the attention away from the background. Also, it shows family resemblance based on people's looks.

For the first photograph I got my younger cousin, Olivia, to spin around. I set the camera to rapid action and then picked out the best photograph of her twirling. I used an app on my iPad to cause the fading effect around the edges and set the photograph to black and white.

For the second photograph I got my younger brother and my 3 year old cousin to stand facing the French doors, looking out of the window. I used my brother and cousin for this because they look so similar. I used the same app to make the photograph look older and to put a frame around the edges.

On the last photograph I used my brother and my cousin again but this time I had them facing each other. Because they are looking at each other with quite cheeky expressions it shows what kind of relationship they have. Again, I used an app to make the black and white effect; also I coloured my cousin’s bright red t-shirt in to draw the attention away from the background.