Graeme Coulthard

Attended: 1993 - 1998

Who was your favourite teacher? 

Tough choice! Could be any number (Mr Webster, Mr Milburn, Mr Krzyzyk, Mr Mrozik, Mrs O'Donnell........), but I'll say Mr Casey.

What are your best memories?

I have loads of great memories including chemistry with Mr Milburn, and though I didn't go on to study them after school, history with Mr Krzyzyk, geography with Mrs O'Donnell, and art with Mr Adamson were always fun. Outside of the classroom I'll always have good memories of playing football, including the inter-form football and playing for the school teams (motivated by Mr Casey's rousing team talks!). I have no idea what the school dinners are like now, but I had a sweet tooth and so quite enjoyed it whenever my year group was last going in for lunch as it meant I'd have a chance of getting a second helping of pudding if the dinner ladies had some left over!

What is your most interesting experience? 

The school trip to France and canoeing down the Ardeche river was particularly memorable! Sleeping under the stars after a day of paddling down the river was a lot of fun.

What do you do now?

I went to St Marys College, then Sheffield University (Chemistry), worked as a synthetic chemist (drug discovery), did a PhD (Bristol, natural product chemistry - synthesis of prostaglandins), and now work as a post-doctoral researcher (York University).