Labour Market Intelligence


As you will be aware, the world of work and employment patterns are changing rapidly. Our young people need to be aware of this and how it might affect their decisions. At Sacred Heart we are committed to providing your son/daughter with the most up-to-date information, advice and guidance possible. For this reason we will be providing a weekly LMI bulletin posted here on the Academy6 website sourced from the National Careers Service.

What is LMI

LMI Bulletin Week Commencing 6/7/18

LMI Bulletin Week Commencing 27/06/18

LMI Bulletin Week Commencing 22/06/18

LMI Bulletin Week Commencing 18/06/18

LMI Bulletin Week Commencing 18/05/18


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Latest Labour Market Information from Tees Valley Combined Authority makes for interesting reading

For key facts on where the jobs are and which are the up an coming job sectors Click Here

To read the full report on Jobs in the Tees Valley 2017 please Click Here



Why not check out the `How to Become` series on the Success at School website. This link has valuable information on lots of different jobs and how to get into that area. Please click HERE to be taken straight to the site