What is LMI?


LMI includes information about the structure and working of the labour market including:

■ Jobs available and people available to do those jobs.

■ Changes in the economy and business environment.

Effects of the economy upon the labour market. Work patterns have changed in the last 30 years because of new technologies, global shifts in production and changing economic markets. It will help your child make better decisions if they are aware of:

■ the growth industries which are likely to provide more opportunities in the future.

■ industries which are in decline and therefore the number of job opportunities may reduce.

■ the skills employers look for - key skills such as IT, numeracy, communication, problem solving, adaptability, the ability to learn and team working.

■ how work patterns are changing.

■ the pressures on labour markets caused by recession. Increasing competition for jobs and places on courses means that it is important for students to have up-to-date information about trends and developments in the labour market, about the options available, the types of work or learning involved. Good information helps people make good decisions.

Working lives have changed over the last few decades. Has your son/daughter thought about the  possible changes over the next 10 years? Which jobs will decrease and what are the new jobs that may arise.

Useful tips for students

■ Study job vacancies, look for common ‘transferable’ skills. Do you have these skills? If not how can you gain them?

■ Find out about the companies opening and closing in your area.

LMI can be gathered in many ways. Talk to your parents, grandparents or carers about their working experiences. Speak to the school CEIAG Advisor. Watch the news and read local newspapers. Check out the websites below

www.sectorcareersinfo.co.uk             www.guidance-research.org/future-trends

For information on the local area labour profile:   www.nomisweb.co.uk/Default.asp