• Leading Parent Partnership Award


This section of the website is dedicated to our parents and carers.

We greatly value the contribution that parents and carers make to the life of the Academy in and beyond the classroom, and in response we are making an effort to maximise the opportunities for greater engagement between us.

In response to your feedback from the Leading Parent Partnership Award we are developing online links for parents/carers to reviewing their child’s attendance, behaviour, attitude to learning and homework.

Academy Transport

Transport has been arranged with Skelton Coaches for the academic year 2018-19.

There are still some places available for the current academic year on routes 33,and 34.  If you would like to purchase a pass for your child please contact the School Office by email to admin@sacredheartrc.org.uk.  For more information click here.

Limited seats are available for one off journeys at a charge of £1.50.  Students wishing to access this service should request a temporary pass from the Main Office.

Uniform / Behaviour Sanctions

Please note we have a new system for ensuring high standards of dress, behaviour and timeliness.  Students who do not comply will be required to serve a detention.  Yellow slips will be issued to students and parents will be contacted.  Download latest uniform standards letter here.

Emailing the Academy

The email address for Sacred Heart Catholic Secondary is admin@sacredheartrc.org.uk  Please use this address for all correspondence with staff.  If you know the name of the member of staff you wish to contact please indicate this in the subject line and it will be forwarded as soon as possible.

Telephoning the Academy

If you contact the Academy by telephone, please be prepared to leave your name and number.  A message will be passed to staff, however, contact with teaching staff is limited during the school day.  The Academy policy is that they will return your call within 48 hours.

Please try to make all arrangements for appointments, after school pickup points etc. with your children before they leave home for the day.  The Academy cannot guarantee that any messages left for students at the end of the day will be passed on.

Parents/Carers – Important Request

Please ensure we have the correct mobile number and email address for you, so we can keep our records up to date.  Change requests can be submitted by email to admin@sacredheartrc.org.uk or telephoning 01642 487100.

Out of School Appointments

Students who need to leave the Academy during the school day for dental/doctors or hospital appointments etc. must have written consent from home. Students can bring a letter to school or alternatively an email can be sent to attendance@sacredheartrc.org.uk.  Students need to see the Attendance Officer, Mrs Pegden, and obtain a lilac authorisation slip before leaving the premises.  Students are not permitted to leave unaccompanied.  Confirmation of appointments (the letter, card or text message) will be required.  Thank you for your assistance in this matter.

Leave of Absence in Term Time

Absences will only be authorised if exceptional circumstances are made clear in writing to the Head Teacher.

Non-Resident Parents

Sacred Heart seeks to work together with parents for the good of the child.  The Academy holds to and promotes the teaching of the Catholic church on traditional family life, however, we acknowledge that an increasing number of our students are growing up in families with broken relationships, where people who share parental responsibility for a child no longer live in the same house.  The Academy will endeavour to recognise and work with all those who have parental responsibility for the students on roll.  More information can be found in our Communication with Non-resident Parents Policy which is available to download here.