Policies, Reports and Forms

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Name Date File Size  
A - NPCAT Behaviour-Policy-Statement 15th January 2019188 KB Download
Admission to Years 8, 9, 10, 11 and Mid-... 14th January 2019452 KB Download
Admissions Policy 2018-19 Year 7 Septemb... 16th March 2018266 KB Download
Admissions Policy 2018-19 Year 8,9,10 an... 16th March 2018411 KB Download
Admissions Policy 2019-2020 Year 7 Septe... 16th March 2018267 KB Download
Admissions Policy 2020-21 Y7 September I... 14th January 2019168 KB Download
After School Activities 19th June 2018235 KB Download
Anti-bullying Policy 6th April 2017628 KB Download
Appraisal Policy and Procedure for Suppo... 4th December 2018137 KB Download
Appraisal Policy and Procedure for Teach... 14th January 2019342 KB Download
Apprentice Bicycle Maintance Support Wor... 12th September 2017117 KB Download
Apprentice Kitchen Assistant and Barista 12th September 2017139 KB Download
Assessment and Marking Policy 29th March 2017618 KB Download
B - NPCAT-Business-Continuity-Strategy 15th January 2019194 KB Download
Biometric System Consent Form 16th July 2013186 KB Download
Capability Policy and Procedure 4th December 2018721 KB Download
Careers Audit - Gatesby Benchmarks 20th April 20183 MB Download
Careers Education, Information, Advice a... 19th April 201897 KB Download
Charging and Remissions Policy 4th December 2018515 KB Download
Charging and Remissions Policy 8th December 2016561 KB Download
Confidential Reporting Policy (Whistlebl... 5th December 2018402 KB Download
D - NPCAT-Confidential-Reporting-Policy 15th January 2019197 KB Download
E - NPCAT-Counter-Fraud-Corruption Polic... 15th January 2019240 KB Download
E-Safety (Digital Citizenship) Policy 29th May 20141 MB Download
Early Retirement/Redundancy for Support... 29th May 20144 KB Download
F - NPCAT-GDPR-Policy (2) 15th January 20192 MB Download
Fire and Evacuation Policy 8th December 2016576 KB Download
First Aid Policy - September 2018 15th January 2019724 KB Download
G - NPCAT Equality-Policy 15th January 2019217 KB Download
GDPR Policy 30th November 20182 MB Download
H - NPCAT FOI-Policy 15th January 2019210 KB Download
Inclusion Quality Mark Report 10th January 2014339 KB Download
J -NPCAT Trust-Governors-Induction-Polic... 15th January 2019224 KB Download
K - NPCAT - Trust-Governor-Visits-Policy 15th January 2019217 KB Download
Leave of Absence 29th May 2014584 KB Download
M - NPCAT-Risk-Management-Strategy 15th January 2019302 KB Download
Maternity, Paternity, Adoption and Paren... 10th April 20171 MB Download
Messages to accompany wreaths 14th May 20182 MB Download
Mobile Phones in School Policy 29th May 2014473 KB Download
NPCAT Complaints Policy - V2 Revised 13... 15th January 2019150 KB Download
O - NPCAT-SEND-Policy-Statement 15th January 2019199 KB Download
Ofsted Inspection Report - October 2011 27th February 2013269 KB Download
Open Evening - Trinity Catholic College 15th October 2018369 KB Download
Parents' Evening Appointments Form 20th March 2014173 KB Download
Pay Policy Framework 2017-18 4th December 20181 MB Download
Performance Management for Support Staff 30th May 2014516 KB Download
Permitted Drivers Policy 20th June 2017847 KB Download
Permitted Drivers Policy 21st September 2015581 KB Download
Preventing Extremism and Radicalisation... 3rd January 2017424 KB Download
Pupil Premium Report 2012-13 11th February 2014304 KB Download
Pupil Premium Report 2013-14 27th January 2015294 KB Download
Pupil Premium Report 2014-15 11th May 2016432 KB Download
Pupil Premium Report 2015-16 20th March 2017496 KB Download
Q - NPCAT Assets and Disposals Policy 15th January 2019239 KB Download
R - NPCAT-Charging-Remissions-Lettings-P... 15th January 2019222 KB Download
Recruitment and Selection 19th September 2014494 KB Download
Relationships and Sex Education 16th May 2017102 KB Download
Right to Request Flexible Working 20th March 2017892 KB Download
Right to Request Flexible Working Policy 3rd October 2014622 KB Download
S - Trust Financial Regulations (Approve... 15th January 2019322 KB Download
Safeguarding and Child Protection Policy... 3rd December 2018613 KB Download
School Lettings Policy 29th May 2014624 KB Download
School Pay policy Framework 21st May 2015774 KB Download
Section 48 Inspection Report - November... 27th February 2013188 KB Download
Section 48 Report - May 2017 6th June 2017228 KB Download
SEN Information Report March 2018 26th March 201832 KB Download
Single Equality Scheme 20th November 2014683 KB Download
Single Equality Scheme - Ethnicity Sept... 24th June 2013278 KB Download
Single Equality Scheme - Gender and Sexu... 24th June 2013262 KB Download
Single Equality Scheme - Religion Jan 13... 24th June 2013275 KB Download
Single Equity Scheme - Overall May 2014 17th November 2014232 KB Download
Smoke Free Workplace Policy 20th March 2017868 KB Download
Special Educational Needs and Disabiliti... 10th January 20181009 KB Download
Staff Attendance Management Policy 18th September 2015683 KB Download
Staff Disciplinary Policy and Procedure 20th March 2017932 KB Download
Staff Grievance Resolution Policy 22nd October 2014568 KB Download
Staff Harassment and Anti-Bullying in th... 30th January 2017452 KB Download
Stockton Riverside College Current Appre... 12th September 201746 KB Download
Student Attendance Management - December... 15th January 2019803 KB Download
Student Behaviour and Discipline Policy(... 22nd February 20181 MB Download
Supporting Students with Medical Conditi... 15th January 20191 MB Download
T - NPCAT - Financial Reserves Policy 15th January 2019190 KB Download
U - NPCAT Treasury Management & Investme... 15th January 2019218 KB Download