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Department Overview

Geography is an ever evolving subject. We are constantly exposed to geographical issues in everyday life, including; environmental concerns, natural disasters, world weather, local developments, urban and rural change, population movements, maps and tourism. By studying Geography at Sacred Heart Secondary, students are provided with an opportunity to develop an awareness and understanding of the patterns, processes and relationships that characterise human and physical environments. Geography is one of the most topical subjects, covering a range of up to date issues from earthquakes to water shortages.


The Geography department has four members of staff who are very enthusiastic about Geography.  They all believe in teaching Geography in a fun, interactive way that promotes thinking skills and promotes student progress.

There are three Geography classrooms that offer an engaging environment for pupils to learn.  Both classrooms have interactive whiteboards that offer pupils a chance to participate in lessons.  Two of the Geography classrooms have six computers in them and the department regularly uses laptops and iPads.

Syllabus at KS3

In KS3 we offer a wide range of physical and human Geography topics along with map skills, which gives all students a wide breadth of Geographical Knowledge.  In all topics we offer a wide range of activities to cater for all learning styles.  We also incorporate the schools rewards into lessons so students can develop their personal skills as well as subject knowledge. The following subjects are studied at KS3.

Year 7

  1. Who are Geographers?
  2. Rivers
  1. Weather and climate
  2. Globalisation
  1. Geographical skills

Year 8

  1. The American Dream
  2. Tectonics
  1. Energy
  2. Trade
  1. Geographical skills


Syllabus at KS4

Exam Board = AQA

Specification = 8035

From September 2017 Year 9, Year 10 and Year 11 students will study the following topics over 3 years.

Physical topics

The challenge of natural hazards

The living world

Physical landscapes in the UK

Human Topics

Urban issues and challenges

The changing economic world

The challenge of resource management

Geographical applications

Issue evaluation

Geographical skills


Geographical skills

As part of this course students will conduct 2 pieces of compulsory field work which will be assessed in the paper 3 exam.


There will be 3 exams at the end of Year 11.

1.     Paper 1 = Physical Geography paper which is worth 35% of the overall GCSE

2.     Paper 2 = Human Geography paper which is worth 35% of the overall GCSE

3.     Paper 3 = Geographical application which is worth 30% of the overall GCSE


Assessment is an integral part of the Geography department and all students are continuously assessed.  Feedback is given to pupils in a variety of forms such as verbal comments, peer assessment and written comments in their books.  All forms of feedback are given in a positive manner and aim to provide points for the learner to improve their learning.


Students are assessed six times across the year at the end of each topic and during their exam week. Assessment types are in a similar format to GCSE exams to help prepare students for KS4.


Students are assessed continually throughout each topic. When a GCSE topic has been completed students are tested on a past exam paper in order to gain experience of the type of questions they may be presented with on the topic, and to assess their level of understanding.

Field Work in Geography

The Geography department believes that the best way to teach Geography is to see it first hand.  We are constantly researching new opportunities to aid our students with the opportunity to go on field work which will support and further their Geographical Knowledge.  Below is a list of fieldtrips we offer in each year group.

  • Year 7 – River investigation
  • Year 8 – Skills at Danby Field Centre
  • Year 9 – Redcar coastal investigation in preparation for Paper 3
  • Year 10 – Whitby investigation in preparation for Paper 3


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