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Modern Foreign Languages


Mr S Thompson (Subject Leader)
Mrs A Norminton

Mrs R Rutherford

Miss H Housam


French  -  Key Stage 3


Course information

MFL is taught through a wide range of activities, including listening to authentic language, playing language games and working in pairs and small groups.

Year 7
Autumn Term
  • The Solar System
  • Introductions and classroom language
Spring Term
  •  Family and friends, describing people
Summer Term
  • Where I live : my area, house and bedroom
  • Evening activities, telling the time

Year 8

 In Year 8 all students take Italian as a second language. Italian and French are then taught to all students until they choose their options in year 9.

Year 8 (French)

Autumn Term

  • In town : places and directions

Spring Term

  • My daily routine and school subjects
  • Leisure activities

Summer Term

  • Talking about the summer holidays.
  • Using the near future tense.

Year 8 (Italian)

Autumn Term

  • Describing myself and others.

Spring Term

  • Talking about my school and school subjects.
  • Saying what I like / don’t like and why.

Summer Term

  • The present tense.
  • Describing my family .

Year 9 (French)

Autumn Term

  • Personal relationships.
  • Countries and weather
  • Making arrangements to go out

Spring Term

  • Describing a French city (Paris).
  • Using the past tense.

Summer Term

  • Hobbies and TV programmes.
  • A healthy lifestyle.

Year 9 (Italian)

Autumn Term

  • Describing where I live.
  • Using adjectives to describe my home.

Spring Term

  • Food and drink.
  • What I like to eat and drink and why.

Summer Term

  •  Maintaining a healthy lifestyle.
  •  Describing an Italian city (Milan).
French – Key Stage 4


Course Information

Examining Board:


Course Code:

8658 (French) / 8633   (Italian)



Qualification Value:

1 x GCSE (A*- G)

Subject Content

Students study the language through themes grouped within four broad contexts: Lifestyle, Leisure, Home/Environment and Work/Education. In preparation for the examination, they practise listening to French in a variety of different contexts, communicating with French speakers, reading a wide range of texts, and developing accurate writing styles. They are required to learn vocabulary, understand grammar patterns and structures, develop listening and reading skills, use the Internet and other research to enhance linguistic and cultural knowledge of francophone countries, and work independently or as part of a small group.

Year 10

Autumn Term

 Me:  where I’m from, my opinions, family relationships, friends and famous people.

Spring Term

  • Free time: TV and cinema, going out, opinions about things I’ve done. New technologies.
  • Jobs and money, part-time jobs, work experience.

Summer Term

  • School: school subjects, daily routine, schools in France and England, future plans.
  • Where I live: my house and bedroom, my town and area, towns in France and England.

Year 11

Autumn Term

  • Tourism: holiday venues, weather, holidays past and future, eating out.
  • Healthy lifestyles: food and drink, healthy lifestyles, addiction and other problems.

Spring Term

  • The world around us: world issues, local problems, the environment.
  • Examination practice and revision.

Course Assessment

Examination: 100% Examination. There will be four examinations:

  • Reading 25%
  • Writing 25%
  • Speaking 25%
  • Listening 25%

MFL Department Resources

The MFL department is located on the first floor, in three adjacent rooms, numbered MFL1, MFL2 and MFL3.

The department is well resourced with each teaching room containing an interactive whiteboard which is extensively used every lesson.  The main course material used is the Expo course which includes text books, workbooks, interactive software and flashcards. One of the classrooms contain computers which can be used for individual work or practice.  A wealth of materials made by members of the department is stored on the school network.

Useful Websites for Independent Practice

Additional Information

Lille Christmas Market Visit

Every year a group of Year 11 students has the opportunity to visit the famous Christmas market in Lille for a short visit.  This is organised in partnership with Bydales School in Marske.

KS3 Visit to the Opal Coast

In year 8 students have the opportunity to visit France during the month of October. During the visit they will have the opportunity to visit places of interest and practice their spoken French.

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