Careers Audit

This week the Careers and Enterprise Company came into Sacred Heart to carry out our Careers Audit which uses the `Compass` Tool to measure our Careers programme against the 8 Gatsby Benchmarks. We are very pleased to announce we passed with flying colours achieving all 8 Gatsby Benchmarks - with 7/8 passed at 100%. Benchmark 7 could not have been fully achieved as we do not have a 6th form at Sacred Heart.

The government have recently adopted the Gatsby Benchmarks as the heart of their Careers Strategy and accompanying Statutory Guidance and stipulated that all secondary schools will be expected to reach the standards of the Benchmarks by 2020.

Download the Gatsby report on Sacred Heart here

The Gatsby Career Benchmarks are the result of an international study to find the best practice in careers guidance worldwide. Working with experts from the University of Derby, The Gatsby team visited six places - Germany, Finland, The Netherlands, Ireland, Hong Kong and Ontario - where career guidance is known to be good. 

From these visits, from reviewing good practice in UK schools and from a close study of the research literature, the team drafted eight Benchmarks to define the essentials of good career guidance.

The draft Benchmarks were tested hard: through consultation, through a survey of 10% of English schools and through a costing exercise by PwC. After publication in 2014, they were tested further in a pilot in North East England in 2015–17, involving a wide range of schools in terms of size, location and Ofsted rating. From all this research and testing, the Gatsby team are confident that the Benchmarks are a robust but realistic framework for developing career guidance that is world class.

The eight Gatsby benchmarks of Good Career Guidance

1. A stable careers programme
2. Learning from career and labour market information
3. Addressing the needs of each pupil
4. Linking curriculum learning to careers
5. Encounters with employers and employees
6. Experiences of workplaces
7. Encounters with further and higher education
8. Personal guidance