CAFOD Soup Lunch

Compassionate Redcar students transform lives across the world this Harvest

Secondary school students from Redcar have united to raise over £100 to help overseas communities living in extreme poverty around the world.

Students from Sacred Heart Catholic Secondary in Redcar decided to prepare and eat a simple meal of soup and bread on 5 October, donating the money they saved to the international development charity CAFOD’s Harvest Appeal.

After working hard to make the soup and bread rolls, students were able to see their efforts come to fruition as they raised an impressive £119 for CAFOD in their annual fundraiser.

Due to poverty and injustice, this Harvest will be a difficult time for millions of communities around the world who will miss out on food, clean water and even going to school.

But the support of communities in places like Redcar is helping to change this by raising money, enabling CAFOD to work alongside some of the world’s poorest communities as they find ways to overcome their many challenges.

Sacred Heart’s Chaplaincy coordinator, Miss Cantwell, said: “It was great to see the smiles of the students when they were serving the food which they had worked hard to prepare earlier in the day.

“People who came to the soup lunch commented on how lovely the soup was and they were humbled knowing the students had been working hard in the kitchen.”

CAFOD’s representative in Redcar, David Cross, added: “Harvest is a time of abundance of both crops and of life in the community. This event has shown the abundance of compassion in Sacred Heart Catholic Secondary School, whose kindness will help communities around the world.”